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Beyond Nigerian Princes

As financial crimes go, wire crimes have earned an amusing reputation. The “Nigerian prince” is a common punch line. Wire fraud, however, carries steep penalties and is not a joke if you are facing a charge. You would want a lawyer who will be aggressive in protecting your future.

At my firm, Robert W. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law, it’s a matter of course that I take every measure to defend you against your charges. I hold the prosecution to the burden of proof that they must meet in order to make their case against you. I do not let any bit of their case go unchallenged as we move forward, and I do not rest until you get the best possible outcome.

What Is Wire Fraud?

Wire fraud can be any number of crimes that involve convincing a person to give over their information, resulting in lost funds. Some common forms of these crimes include:

  • Telemarketing scams
  • The “Nigerian Prince” email scams
  • People posing as tax representatives

If you are accused of wire fraud, you must understand that these sorts of crimes have both state level and federal implications. I have 20 years of experience of proactive defense of my clients against prosecutors both locally and federally. I do not allow anyone to run over your rights and will work to get you the best possible result.

Call For Confident And Thorough Representation

I am a thorough wire fraud defense attorney. I will attack all the evidence against you with an eye to protecting your future. Defense is all about making the work of the prosecution as unwieldy as possible. If you have been charged with wire fraud, call my Tupelo, Mississippi, office today at 662-269-4454. I can also be reached by email.