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Legal Help For Family Issues

Emotions Can Get In The Way. A Lawyer Can Help.

Family law matters are filled with emotional elements that require a certain amount of sensitivity from an attorney. Whether it involves the difficulties of divorce or the anticipation of adoption, Robert W. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law, in Tupelo, Mississippi, can help you.

Divorce And Related Issues

At Robert W. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law, I take a personalized approach to cases involving divorce, custody and visitation, and support. While there are “cookie-cutter” ways to handle simple and uncontested divorces, I prefer to take a more tailored approach to your divorce, especially if there are children involved. Simply filling out standard forms does not address some major issues related to property settlements, division of marital assets and debts, child support, and custody and visitation.

Considering The Children’s Best Interests

During a divorce, emotions run high. Some of the most important and most difficult decisions of your life will be made, especially when children are involved. I recognize this, and in each divorce case I place the children’s best interests first. In most cases, I encourage divorcing couples to establish settlement agreements together, instead of leaving their future in the hands of a judge. However, as a divorce attorney, I recognize that some divorce disputes require a trial. If your case needs to be litigated, I will aggressively represent your interests in court.

Many of my clients come to us when looking to expand their family through adoption. Additionally, I assist with paternity determinations for visitation and financial support reasons.

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