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What Is Your Property?

If you are going through a divorce, dividing your lives and your possessions and assets can be a struggle. At my firm, Robert W. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law, I take the reins of your divorce proceedings and build a case to get you the best possible outcome in your property division. Despite the circumstances of your marriage, whether you stayed at home or worked full time, you have a right to a portion of the property accumulated in your divorce.

What Can I Take, What Can I Keep?

A home is usually the central element of any property division dispute. Home does not mean simply the building and the raw numbers of the property values. There is all the memory and accumulated life inside it. How does a person, any person divide that?

There are guidelines that judges follow, but the determination is largely left to how a judge rules. Since Mississippi law divides marital property using an equitable standard, rather than 50-50, there is a lot of leeway. The judge may consider, among other things:

  • What each party brought into the marriage
  • How much each party contributed after the marriage
  • The needs of each party once the marriage ends

Helping You Move On

As a divorce lawyer with 20 years of experience, you can trust in me to work in your best interests to get you the necessary outcomes so that you can continue with your life. I will work hard to provide confident, vigorous advocacy for you. Contact my Tupelo, Mississippi, office by calling 662-269-4454. You may also email us through my online form.