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Firearms And Crimes

All over the country there are many discussions being had about guns, gun rights and what people should do about them. Those conversations are distracting noise to the situation people face every day in relations to those with federal and local firearms charges. In that situation, what the political considerations are, mean nothing until your charges are settled.

At my firm, Robert W. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law, with all of my 20 years of experience defending clients in Mississippi and federal court, I ensure that the prosecution must meet their burden. Our system is dependent on innocent until proven guilty, and I defend your innocence and your freedom with every tool at my disposal.

What Is Different About Gun Crime?

Firearms crimes, in general, focus on the various ways that each state defines its laws on guns. Since gun ownership is a right, many state laws allow for wide possession of firearms.

In Mississippi, gun crimes can be:

  • Possession on school property: People cannot carry guns on school ground, under almost all circumstances.
  • Unlawful possession: People convicted of crimes, children, chronically intoxicated people and people with mental issues may not own guns.
  • Possession of banned guns: Automatic weapons, bombs and armor-piercing ammunition are all banned in the state.

Also, because other states have restrictive laws, some people come to Mississippi to purchase weapons for family members in other states. This can be considered a federal crime.

Get Started On Your Defense

Whatever the circumstances are regarding your charges, I will do what is necessary to get you the best possible outcome. Your future is my No.1 priority as a lawyer. Contact my Tupelo, Mississippi, office today at 662-269-4454. You may also reach me through my convenient online form.