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Misappropriated Funds

Harsh Consequences

The crime of embezzlement has many shapes and sizes, but one thing in common: If you are accused of it, you may stand to face years in prison and have very few on your side.

With my firm, Robert W. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law, on your side you will not be alone. In your situation, the prosecution will be forced to prove their case against you, not the other way around. I provide vigorous defense of my clients backed by 20 years of courtroom experience. Your embezzlement charges will not be just another case to me.

The Shape Of Embezzlement

What is and is not embezzlement is hard to determine. What makes theft embezzlement is that the accused had to have been entrusted with property or money, and then misused or otherwise appropriated it. Types of this crime are well-known, with common examples such as:

  • Pyramid schemes: Crimes based around convincing people to invest in a fraudulent business and was a large part of the financial collapse in 2008.
  • Direct theft: A cashier at a bank or a small business pocketing money that they are entrusted in handling, and hiding that with fake transactions.
  • Property loss: Employees entrusted with use of company property such as laptops or cars, but sell them and report them as lost.

Prosecutors have a burden placed on them to meet the standards of evidence. My skill as a lawyer is making sure that your rights and future are protected at every stage.

Protection For Your Future

Being accused of a white collar crime is an unpleasant circumstance. It can lead to difficult social and family problems; I will defend your case and your privacy with confidence and discretion. To learn about how I can help your defense, contact me at my Tupelo, Mississippi, office using this online form or calling 662-269-4454.