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Experience You Can Trust In Drug Trafficking Cases

Serious Charges Require Committed Defense

Drug trafficking — that is, cases involving the movement and sale of controlled substances — are federal crimes that require an attorney with experience defending in federal court. I have been defending clients in Mississippi and federal courts for 20 years, and you can count on my abilities to defend your future.

A person can end up involved in a drug trafficking case in many ways. It can be an innocent mistake or it can be predatory policing. Whatever the case may be for your charges, my firm, Robert W. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law, will be there to defend the future you planned for yourself. Federal court is an intimidating place, but I have a proven history of success.

What Confidence Means In Court

The confidence I bring in court pays back dividends:

  • In the courtroom: As anyone will tell you, there are strong arguments, and then there are strong arguments delivered well. Having the confidence to make a difference during arguments makes a world of difference in your defense.
  • At the negotiation table: Should you decide that a deal is in your best interest, I will advocate for your needs to get you the outcomes you deserve. With 20 years of federal cases behind me, I can tell a good deal from a bad one.
  • At home: When you have a lawyer you can trust with your life and freedom, you can relax at home. You can focus on the matters that are central to your well-being and let me handle your criminal charges.

My priority is to focus solely on protecting your freedom and the best possible outcome for you. It does not matter what the details of your crime are, I will work hard to secure the right decision for you.

Call For Advocacy You Can Rely On

As a drug trafficking defense attorney, I do everything within the power of the law to protect you. It is not about the scope of the charges or your history; it is about making prosecutors prove their case. Contact me Robert W. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law, at my Tupelo, Mississippi, office today by calling 662-269-4454. I also have an email form that you can fill out.