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Adopting And Parenting Rights

Contested And Uncontested Adoptions

Expanding your family through adoption is a joyous occasion. However, it is also fraught with potential complications that could delay your adoption or even cause it to be denied. An experienced Tupelo adoption attorney can help you navigate the complex process of adoption.

Since 1997, my law firm, Robert W. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law, has assisted families in Mississippi with all aspects of adoption, including termination of parental rights. Whether you are considering domestic or international adoption, or you are a stepparent seeking to adopt a child you are already caring for, I will provide you with skilled representation tailored to your unique needs.

Terminating A Biological Parent’s Rights

Before an adoption can proceed, the parental rights of the biological parent must be terminated. In an uncontested adoption, the biological parent voluntarily relinquishes his or her parental rights, allowing the adoption to proceed. In contested adoption cases, certain grounds for termination must be met, including abandonment and crimes against children.

Uncontested Adoptions

In uncontested adoptions, I will work with you to ensure that every legal step has been taken and that all necessary paperwork has been filled out correctly. In contested adoptions, I will help you reach a resolution or build a strong case for the termination of the biological parent’s rights to the child.

Contested Adoptions

I also represent parents who are facing involuntary termination of parental rights. If you have been asked to terminate your parental rights and you wish to keep your child, you need a lawyer who will aggressively defend your rights.

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The adoption process is complicated, especially when the biological parent is unwilling to terminate his or her parental rights. You can rely on me, Robert W. Davis, Jr., for vigorous representation in your adoption case. Contact me online, or call 662-269-4454 to schedule a free initial consultation.