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The ways that divorce could impact your financial future

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Divorce |

Ending a marriage will have repercussions in multiple areas of one’s life, especially regarding finances. If a Mississippi adult is planning to divorce soon, he or she has likely given thought to how to prepare for what is ahead, including considering how to protect one’s financial future. There are steps a spouse can take now that will allow him or her to lay the foundation for long-term stability and security. 

Your finances as a single person 

One significant adjustment each person will have to make when preparing to enter single life is going from two incomes to one. This is not always easy, and the decisions made during negotiations and settlement discussions have the potential to impact a spouse long-term. This is one reason why it is important to make thoughtful decisions at every step of the divorce, and the following tips can help: 

  • Speak with a financial professional who can provide insight regarding how to rebuild and thrive in the future. 
  • Start saving now and reduce spending to adjust to budget restrictions. 
  • Establish individual credit and take out individual insurance policies. 

Updating accounts, closing joint accounts and separating finances is also a critical first step for someone who is planning to divorce. 

Thinking long-term 

It is easy to allow temporary emotions to drive decision-making during a divorce. However, emotions are not good indicators for what will truly be best long-term. When considering one’s future financial interests, it may be helpful to speak with an experienced Mississippi family law attorney. 


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