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Are you a victim of financial fraud during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Divorce |

The terms of your property division settlement made during your divorce matter, especially for your long-term financial security. The decisions made in negotiations or discussions can affect you for decades in the future, which is why it is critical to be careful to protect your best interests at every step. One way you can do this is being able to recognize the signs of financial fraud and any effort made by the other spouse to keep you from your rightful share of marital property. 

In many cases, a Mississippi spouse who attempts to commit financial fraud during a divorce demonstrated suspicious behaviors before divorce. If you suspect that your spouse is being dishonest or making an effort to keep you from your rightful share of marital property, you will benefit from knowing how to protect your interests. With the right approach, you can be certain that you secure a property division settlement that is fair and sustainable. 

Red flags that may indicate financial fraud 

Financial fraud can take many forms as it is the effort of one spouse to keep the other from his or her fair share of marital property or leave the other party with an unfair share of marital debt. There are different actions that could indicate a potential problem, and you may benefit from being able to recognize these red flags from your soon-to-be former spouse: 

  • Cash transactions in order to prevent leaving a paper trail 
  • Having no explanation of missing money or assets 
  • Transferal of significant assets to another person as a gift 
  • Moving money around in order to create confusion 
  • Keeping money separate while using shared funds for expenses 

These are all signs that your spouse may not be fully disclosing assets and debts, or that he or she is intentionally misleading you in order to affect the final property division order. There are certain steps you can take that will allow you to fight for the full amount of marital property you deserve. 

Your financial future is at stake 

During your divorce, your financial future is on the line. It is in your interests to seek the best possible outcome by ensuring there is a full financial disclosure from the other party during the property division process. If you suspect financial fraud during your divorce, it is in your interests to take immediate action and fight for your long-term financial stability and security. 


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