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Seeking a termination of parental rights in adoption

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2021 | Family Law |

There are times when it is necessary to formally end the relationship and legal ties between the child and one or both of his or her biological parents. This is a sensitive and complex matter, and it is only possible and necessary in very specific circumstances, such as adoption. It is critical to handle this specific matter with the assistance and support of an experienced family law attorney in Mississippi.

When can it happen?

It can be difficult to secure the termination of parental rights, and this typically only happens in adoption cases or when the parent is harmful to the child or absent from his or her life. Termination is necessary in cases involving adoption, including stepparent adoption. Adoptions are either contested or uncontested, depending on the desires, actions and presence of the biological parents.

In an uncontested adoption, the biological parent does not object to the termination of his or her parental rights. In a contested adoption, he or she is opposed to the termination of parental rights. For the latter, it is important to have legal help at every step of this complex process in order to build a strong case.

The best future for a Mississippi family

A Mississippi family does not have to navigate the process of adoption or parental rights matters alone. They will have a higher chance of success with the help and support of an experienced family law attorney. When considering adoption, it may first help to discuss the situation with a legal professional in order to fully understand the process ahead.


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