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Hidden assets could derail fair division of marital property

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Divorce |

During a divorce, the priority of a Mississippi spouse is to secure terms in a financial settlement that allows him or her to have a strong and stable future. Pursing fair terms begins with full financial disclosure from both parties, yet some spouse are unwilling to fully cooperate with this. Hidden assets can make it difficult to a secure fair division of marital property.

Look for these assets

Some assets are more common and easier to hide than others. When reviewing disclosures and negotiating a fair settlement, a spouse may find it beneficial to look for the following assets:

  • Savings held in pensions if the spouse is a state or federal employee
  • Restricted stock units if the spouse has an executive-level corporate job
  • Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, as these assets are easy to hide
  • Military benefits if one spouse is current or retired military

If a spouse is not fully disclosing all pertinent information to the other spouse, it can lead to complication during the divorce. The other spouse has the right to seek legal means to compel full disclosure, and a thorough financial investigation can identify assets that the other party may be attempting to hide.

Fight unfairness

Hiding assets during a divorce is unfair. It’s also illegal, and a Mississippi spouse has the right to fight back against this tactic. Equitable and reasonable division of marital property is critical, and a spouse may find it beneficial to work with an experienced legal ally in pursuit of this. An evaluation of the case can help one understand if some assets may be hidden and what steps are next.


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