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Penalties for the crimes of drug trafficking and distribution

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2023 | Blog |

There are certain types of crimes that, if convicted, have the potential to change the course of your life. Drug crimes can include a range of activities from possession to trafficking, and the penalties associated with these types of crimes can include everything from fines to extensive time in prison. Regardless of the nature of the specific drug-related allegation you are facing, you will benefit from taking your situation seriously and understanding your defense options. 

Drug trafficking and distribution are two offenses that may bring severe consequences for defendants. Unlike other types of drug offenses, these are felony offenses, and the repercussions are grave. If you are under investigation or already charged with this type of crime, it is critical that you move forward immediately to shield your future interests and preserve your rights. 

What are you up against? 

It is important to know what you are up against when facing drug trafficking charges. This is a serious crime penalized by both state and federal laws, and unlike drug possession, the court never charges it as a misdemeanor offense. Drug trafficking laws prohibit the sale, transportation or distribution of controlled substances, such as cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin and more. Each trafficking and distribution case is different, and the following factors can impact the severity of the case against you: 

  • Whether children were the target 
  • The volume of drugs one has moved or distributed 
  • The type of drugs involved in the case 
  • Geographic location of the alleged crime 

A Mississippi defendant could be charged with trafficking even if a law enforcement officer does not witness the movement or sale of the drugs. However, an individual could face charges for trafficking if found with large amounts of an illicit or controlled substance, as the assumption is this indicates the intent to sell. Sentences for drug trafficking can range from a few years behind bars to life sentences, depending on the details of the individual case. 

Fighting for your future 

You have the right to fight back if charged with drug distribution or trafficking. Your future is at stake, and your personal freedom is on the line, which is why it is important to seek guidance regarding your defense as soon as possible. A professional assessment of your case can provide you with insight regarding the most effective defense strategy for your situation. 


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