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The role of the custodial parent in the life of a child

On Behalf of | May 14, 2023 | Child Custody |

Parents play a critical role in the lives of their children, even after a divorce is final. The importance that a parent has does not diminish when a marriage is over, and most Mississippi parents work diligently to ensure that their children do not suffer unnecessary emotional and mental harm as a result of a divorce. As they consider the possible impact of their divorce, it is beneficial for a parent to understand all factors that could impact their custody plan. 

Child custody considerations 

Each parent will likely want to maintain a strong presence in the life of his or her child, and each may want to be the custodial parent. This is the parent who has the most time with the child and who will have primary responsibility for caring for his or her needs. When one parent has primary custody, the other will likely retain visitation rights as kids benefit when allowed to maintain a strong relationship with both parents. 

For parents that share joint custody, they are both the custodial parent. They will share physical custody, which is the time that each will have with the child. In joint custody arrangements, parents will likely have equitable parenting time, which does not necessarily mean they will have equal parenting time. 

Seeking the best outcome 

Child custody is not an easy issue to address in a Mississippi divorce. A parent will benefit from seeking an explanation of his or her rights and options before making any important divorce-related decisions. It is helpful to discuss child custody and visitation with an experienced attorney before moving forward. 


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