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The unseen impact of divorce on children

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Divorce |

When Mississippi parents decide to divorce, it will inevitably affect every member of the family. Even an amicable divorce will bring difficult emotions, and the youngest members of the family may be the most likely to struggle with issues they do not understand. Parents may benefit from preparing to assist their children with potential mental and emotional struggles during and after their divorce. 

Changes in behavior  

Children do not understand the complexities of adult relationships, and they may struggle to comprehend why a divorce is happening. The first year after a divorce may be especially difficult, and younger kids may not know why they have to go back and forth between homes. Older kids may show signs of behavioral problems, which can include: 

  • Struggles in school or difficulty maintaining positive relationships with peers 
  • Placing blame for the divorce on themselves or on one parent 
  • Acting hostile or angry toward others or parents 
  • Taking unnecessary risks, or acting in reckless or unnecessarily risky ways 

One of the most important ways that Mississippi parents can help their kids adjust is by considering what custody and visitation terms will be in their best interests.  

Setting temporary feelings aside  

Strong emotions are not always the best indicators of what will truly be best for the children during a divorce. Parents may have to set aside how they feel in the moment in order to make decisions that are practical and sustainable. It may help to discuss the emotional and mental needs of the kids and other concerns with an experienced family law attorney.  


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