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Financial fraud during divorce and its potential impact

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Divorce |

The terms of property division settlement carry the potential to impact a Mississippi spouse for years to come. It is in the interests of each individual to seek terms that will allow him or her to have a strong future once the divorce process is final. Unfortunately, when one spouse acts in ways that are unfair or illegal, it can harm the interests of the other party. One way this happens is through hidden assets and other forms of financial fraud during a divorce.

How can one know it’s happening?

There are different signs that could indicate financial fraud during a divorce. First, an individual may notice behaviors that could indicate a problem. For example, the other party may be secretive or take steps to manipulate financial situations in his or her favor. Troubling financial red flags could also be an indicator that the other spouse should proceed with caution.

Financial red flags during a divorce may point to hidden assets and attempts to secure an unfair portion of marital assets. Suddenly experiencing a drop in income or giving away large sums of money could be a sign of trouble. Gifting or transferring ownership of different types of property may also be an attempt to hide assets.

What can a spouse do?

If a Mississippi spouse suspects hidden assets, there are ways to fight for the preservation of his or her interests. Working with an experienced attorney, as well as a forensic accountant, can reveal if there are undisclosed or hidden assets. It is appropriate for a spouse to fight back against any type of financial fraud or attempt to harm his or her future well-being.


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