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What will courts consider when making child custody decisions?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Child Custody |

It is no surprise that parents are often most concerned about how the end of their marriages will affect their children. You likely want to do everything possible to ensure that your kids have as much stability and security as possible after your divorce is final, and that includes fighting for a reasonable custody and visitation order. Child custody may be one of the most complex issues you have to address during your divorce.

Some Mississippi parents will want to negotiate the terms of their custody and visitation arrangement outside of the courtroom. There are many benefits to taking this approach, but it is not always possible. If your custody and visitation case will go before the court, you may benefit from understanding what factors will play a role in the final decision.

Issues that impact child custody

A court will ultimately make decisions based on what they determine to be in the best interests of the child. The judge will rule based on evidence and documentation presented by both sides, deciding on what will provide the most long-term stability and security for the child. One of the most important factors is the mental and emotional health of the child, and to protect this, the judge will consider the child’s age, maturity level, expressed wishes and the nature of the relationship he or she currently has with both parents.

The court will also consider certain details about the lives of each of the parents as well, including their mental state and physical capabilities. The state of their homes, as well as where they live could also be a factor the courts take into consideration. Unique work schedules, special medical needs of the kids and more could be important details to bring to the court’s attention during a custody hearing.

Fight for the best outcome

You have the right to fight for the best possible outcome to custody and visitation matters on behalf of your children. As a parent, you are one of the most important advocates in the lives of your kids, and you may tenaciously pursue the protection of their long-term well-being after your divorce. Regardless of the specific terms you wish to pursue, you may benefit from learning more about your parental rights and how the courts view custody matters during divorce proceedings.


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