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Permission over movies could impact your custody plan

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2022 | Child Custody |

Navigating life after divorce can be difficult, especially if new issues arise that disrupt how you and the other parent share child custody. The more clarity in the terms of a final custody and visitation order, the less likely it will be that there is any confusion or disputes after the divorce is final. One matter that could be a source of discord between Mississippi parents is permission for the kids to watch certain types of movies and have screen time 

Disputes over screen time and content 

Parents often have strong opinions about what their kids can watch and how much screen time they can have. One parent may want to restrict what the children can and cannot watch, while the other has a more relaxed approach. This can cause problems in a co-parenting relationship. Parents can reduce the chance of disputes by taking the following steps: 

  • Try to include terms involving television content, movies and screen time in the custody order. 
  • Let go of expectations from trying to be the cool parent or having to be the strict parent. 
  • Acknowledge that the other parent may have different values and views on this matter. 

This can be a difficult matter to address, but compromise and negotiation can ease tensions and set standards for the future. 

What’s in a parenting plan? 

Putting certain terms in a parenting plan may provide clarity for both parents. This can include details pertaining to the everyday life of the children, including screen time or what they watch. When creating a plan, it may help to first discuss specific concerns with an experienced Mississippi family law attorney. 


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