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How to discuss the issue of divorce with children

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Divorce |

Parents know that their decision to end their marriage will have a profound impact on the youngest members of the family. For this reason, parents strive to create as much continuity of lifestyle as possible for the kids, starting with a thoughtful child custody and visitation schedule that will provide stability and security. Additionally, there are steps Mississippi parents can take that will allow them to help their kids more effectively navigate this time of transition.

Helping kids through the divorce process

One important step for those helping their children during their parents’ divorce is to limit the amount of information they give their kids. Children do not need to know every detail about why their parents are divorcing, as this may not be age appropriate, but they do need to know the divorce is not their fault. Kids also do not need the responsibility of carrying messages between the two parents.

When asked to act as messengers, kids may feel as if they are stuck in the middle of their two parents. Another important factor for parents to remember is that kids should not hear them speak negatively about each other. This can also add to the stress the kids may feel during divorce-related changes.

The best post-divorce future

Parents can protect their kids during a divorce by providing their children with a beneficial custody and visitation arrangement. This may require setting aside temporary feelings and instead focusing on the best interests of the kids above all else. It may also help to discuss needs with an experienced Mississippi family law attorney.


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