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Online bullying is unacceptable in a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Divorce |

In the process of ending a marriage, one spouse may find that the other is acting in ways that are unfair and irrational. One behavior sometimes seen is harassment or bullying online in an attempt to intimidate or undermine the other party. With the prevalence of social media, it is easy for one to air grievances or share personal information with the intent of causing harm. This is unacceptable, and victims of this behavior do not have to remain silent about this treatment. 

The impact of bullying on a divorce 

If a Mississippi spouse is acting in a way that could be perceived as bullying, the other spouse has the right to bring that behavior to the attention of the court. Recently, Kanye West made social media posts that were perceived as an act of bullying and harassment during his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Ms. Kardashian then filed a request with the court that reported his actions and stated that it was a reason to bring the proceedings to a speedy conclusion. 

Anything one posts online during a divorce could be used against him or her at any point. Private thoughts and sensitive information have no place in a public forum, and posting these things can actually be harmful to one’s divorce case. Victims of this type of inappropriate behavior can take steps to protect their interests if this happens to them. 

Cyberbullying and digital theft 

In addition to online harassment and bullying, digital theft is also a serious concern during a divorce. A Mississippi spouse facing a divorce will benefit from working with an experienced attorney throughout the process in order to protect his or her interests at every step. This includes making online bullying stop, preventing digital theft and fighting for the best possible outcome to the case. 


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