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Co-parenting school-age kids can be complex

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2021 | Child Custody |

Mississippi parents want to protect the best interests of their kids above all else, which is why divorced couples often opt to co-parent. This requires a certain amount of cooperation and management of schedules as the kids will likely have to go between two homes. This can be difficult for working parents and parents of school-age kids. To make this work well, it requires communication and commitment.  

Academic and emotional success 

Kids tend to benefit when allowed to maintain strong relationships with both of their parents after a divorce. Co-parenting typically allows for relatively equitable parenting time, but school schedules may make this difficult. Parents can balance the emotional and academic needs of their kids will the following tips: 

  • Both parents should be aware of their kids’ school schedules, including after-school activities. 
  • Communicate with the teacher, letting him or her know how the kids will split time between homes.  
  • Take advantage of certain apps that can make communication and schedule organization easier for the two parents. 

When parents have good communication and are committed to making sure the kids have strong and stable home environments, it will be easier for them to navigate scheduling challenges. 

Kids first 

When kids are first, Mississippi parents may find it easier to navigate post-divorce custody issues. School-age kids sometimes have complex schedules, but parents will find it beneficial to be flexible and willing to compromise. It is crucial to have a strong custody and visitation plan in place as the foundation of any good co-parenting relationship. 



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