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Kids may experience emotional and mental duress after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Divorce |

As a Mississippi parent, you know the decision to divorce will impact your children. You may be vigilant about their emotional well-being and in helping them navigate the difficulty of what your family is going through, but kids may still struggle. It is possible parents will notice behavioral changes in their kids during and after their divorce. 

Children may not understand how to navigate their feelings about their parents’ divorce, and going between homes may be hard for them. In fact, kids may have issues with acting out and behaving in ways that are unusual for them, especially after transitioning from one home to another for visitation. You and many other parents may struggle with how to navigate these challenges and what to do about the changes you see in your kids.  

Behavior changes and parental challenges 

Kids may act differently when they go between their parents’ houses. As an example, one mother noted her children threw tantrums and acted aggressively after they returned from their father’s house. She indicated this behavior occurs at her home and not at school or anywhere else. Professional insight suggests this behavior is likely a psychological response to the significant changes they’ve experienced in their lives.  

Kids may act out when they don’t feel comfortable, secure or safe. Their behavior after coming from the other parent’s house may indicate their need for additional love, care and support. To reduce the chance of kids having these struggles, parents may find it beneficial to provide their kids with as much stability as possible. Regular access to both parties, smooth transitions, professional counseling and other steps can go a long way toward easing a child’s unspoken fears and concerns about how the divorce impacted their daily lives. 

The role of the parent 

Divorce is difficult for every member of a family. This is why it is helpful for you, as a parent, to set aside your own temporary feelings at the moment and focus on what is best for your children. By doing this, it will be more likely you will end up with a final order that allows the children some continuity of lifestyle and peace of mind. This may help reduce emotional turmoil and other struggles your children may experience after your divorce.  


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