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Is it ideal to move a divorce along quickly?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2021 | Divorce |

There are many reasons why one may wish for the process of ending a marriage to be over as quickly as possible. A Mississippi divorce can be stressful and emotionally complex, even in cases where the two parties want to work through the process amicably. While emotionally driven or hasty decisions are not ideal, there could be a few reasons why it may be beneficial to move a divorce along as quickly as possible.

Moving on

One of the primary reasons why it could be beneficial to move through a divorce quickly is that it allows both parties to move on faster. This is an attractive option for those who simply wish to begin their post-divorce life as soon as possible. It may also be less costly to have a faster divorce. Litigation is expensive, and the longer a divorce takes, the more the parties will pay in legal fees.

To make a divorce go faster, out-of-court resolutions are ideal. It is also helpful to prepare beforehand by gathering important documentation and preparing finances. Mississippi parents who will share custody will save time by creating their own custody plan that fairly addresses visitation and parental rights.

The best future

When trying to move through a divorce as fast as possible, it is still important to make smart and sustainable decisions. The decisions made during this process will have a direct effect on one’s future, and it’s critically to carefully consider all choices. However, avoiding litigation and keeping the focus on what is truly important, it is more likely a divorce will be resolved faster.


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