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Divorce affects kids differently, depending on their gender

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Child Custody |

A child may react in a unique and different way to the news his or her parents are separating or ending their marriage. The way a Mississippi divorce affects the kids often depends on their age or development, but it may also depend on their gender. Boys and girls often have vastly different reactions to their parents’ divorce.

Different kids, different responses

Boys may respond to the news of their parents’ divorce by displaying different types of behaviors. For example, boys may be more prone to acting defiantly, or they may be unusually dependent. Boys, particularly those who witnessed a significant amount of fighting and contention between their parents, may be aggressive.

Girls who were once studious and academic may find themselves completely unmotivated to do well in school anymore. They may also feel the need to act more grown-up and mature for their age, especially if their mother is leaning on them for emotional support. Some girls have an actual physiological response to a divorce of their parents, going through puberty sooner.

What can parents do?

Mississippi parents who are going through a divorce will want to do everything possible to shield their kids from unnecessary harm. By understanding how divorce can affect kids, parents may be able to craft a plan that will suit their individual needs. They may also find it beneficial to work with an experienced attorney during the process.


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