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Conflict in a child custody arrangement can be harmful to kids

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2021 | Child Custody |

The actions of Mississippi parents directly impact kids, especially in times of great change, such as when the parents are going through a divorce. Child custody is often one of the most difficult issues parents will work through, and feelings of frustration and anger toward the other parent may not go away just because the divorce is final. Studies find that ongoing conflict can be quite harmful for the youngest members of the family.

There have been many studies into the mental and emotional impact of divorce on children. A recent one found that kids who witness their parents fighting are more likely to experience feelings of abandonment. This is a possible consequence for parental fighting even if the kids have regular access to both parents.

The end of a marriage typically brings a significant amount of change for a child. He or she may have to move and familiar relationships may be disrupted. To minimize stress on the kids, Mississippi parents may choose joint custody, but this does not necessarily mean the two will act amicably. Having kids send messages back and forth, talking disparagingly about each other and treating the other parent with disrespect can be harmful for the kids.

Child custody can be a source of stress and conflict, but parents would be wise to act in a way that minimizes the negative impacts on the kids. It is helpful to remember that conflict can be stressful for kids and instill a fear of abandonment. A thoughtful custody and visitation order can help parents avoid unnecessary complications and fighting.


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