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Fighting over money  could be a predictor of divorce

On Behalf of | May 16, 2020 | Divorce |

It is no surprise that arguments in marriage proceed a divorce in nearly all circumstances. However, does the topic of the arguments have any bearing on the likelihood of divorce? 

Of all the arguments that plague a marriage, the category of finances has a special place in intensity and rancor. 

Money issues 

An article on recently reported that money still ranks high as a cause of divorce. In an interview, bestselling author David Bach said that people often marry their opposite when it comes to managing money. For example, a saver is likely to marry a spender, making money arguments a highly likely event. He expressed the importance of couples sharing a similar philosophy and when that did not happen it could result in a power struggle, causing frequent battles. Money arguments, he said, could have a negative effect on the entire marriage. On the plus side, he claimed that financial differences are often easily fixed. He placed high importance on automating a savings plan that puts money into important accounts such as retirement and a savings account designated for emergencies. 

Money communication 

Another article talks about reconciling the two unique financial mindsets of a recently married couple. The article stresses the importance of spouses forging a connection when making a financial plan. Just talking calmly and rationally about finances is often a positive thing. In fact, a recent survey revealed that many people did not  know important facts about their spouses finances, such as if they had debt or the state of their retirement savings. Though communicating about money is often uncomfortable, it could lead to a successful financial partnership and reduce arguments. 


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