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Co-parenting during unusual circumstances

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Child Custody |

Raising children with a former spouse or partner can be one of the biggest challenges for parents today. A relationship generally ends at least in part because the two parties do not work well together in some capacity, yet they are forced to find a way to still do this for at least as long as their children remain at home. Over the last several years, a lot of focus has been placed on the value of positive coparenting and the benefits it offers to children and parents alike.

As explained by CoParenter, kids who are raised by separated or divorced parents who find ways to communicate gracefully and truly work together for the good of their kids tend to have very positive adult lives. These children do not live their everyday lives feeling stuck between two at-war parents. They also get to see firsthand multiple examples of how to treat others with respect regardless of how people feel about each other. Even teachers, coaches and other adults involved in a child’s life may benefit when they know both parents are aligned in supporting the children.

Very Well Family indicates that one hallmark of a successful coparenting relationship is the ability to establish and adhere to a schedule. This schedule should account for extracurricular activities, vacations and other events that are not part of a standard routine. In fact, while a schedule is a key part of making coparenting work, so too is the ability to change that schedule when circumstances warrant it.

With the emerging realities brought on by the Coronavirus, now is a time for parents to show this flexibility that helps them manage their children’s needs with unexpected events.


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