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How can divorce affect your children mentally?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | Divorce |

Mississippi parents who get a divorce have a lot to deal with, including the potential ramifications of the split on your entire family. You are likely particularly worried about your children, especially concerning the possible mental impact of the divorce.

Verywell Family examines some of the psychological impacts divorce has on children. This can vary from household to household, as every child is different, has a unique relationship with their parents, and is at their own stage of mental and emotional development. However, there are some similarities that can be found among most cases. This includes a tendency to self-blame, anxiety about the stability of their life and future, and the potential development of unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Children of many ages will eventually come to a self-blaming conclusion if you are not very clear from the start that the divorce is not their fault. The stress and pressure that can come from feeling responsible for a parent’s divorce can be phenomenal and may lead to other problems like anxiety and depression.

Speaking of anxiety, children also feel many fears and uncertainties about the future while a divorce is in progress. This is because the stability they have known their entire life is being threatened. Be sure to reassure your child that no matter what happens, both you and your spouse will always love them and be there for them.

Finally, this is a time when many children develop poor coping mechanisms. In order to ensure your child does not, keep a close eye on their behavior during the divorce and in the period following it.


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