Ending your marriage is an emotional process that requires you to make a lot of difficult decisions. The court in Mississippi also has to make tough choices when it comes to dividing your assets and ensuring both of you are in a good place after the divorce is finalized. The goal of the court is fairness in the divorce agreement, which sometimes means you will have to pay spousal support. The Mississippi Bar explains the amount of alimony you will have to pay depends on many factors.

The main goal of spousal support is to help provide for your spouse due to a lack of income. It is dependent on need. The court will try to provide enough support to help your spouse maintain the standard of living he or she had during your marriage.

However, your incomes or earning ability will play into the amount awarded, if any. The judge will also consider for both of you the state of your health, children you have together, tax liabilities and anything else related to the financial situation. The court also takes into consideration your living expenses after the divorce.

You may have to pay support over time or in one lump sum. If you pay over time, there are options to modify the order. It may even stop if your ex gets married or enters into a serious relationship where he or she lives with a partner. Of course, if your ex passes away, that also ends the payments. This information is for education and is not legal advice.