Your family has always been together, and it’s been years since your marriage. You’ve raised your children together, and now, they’ve left the nest.

Several months after your last child left home, you began to realize that your relationship just wasn’t the same. You and your spouse don’t have much in common other than your kids.

Does that sound familiar? You and many people in the United States go through the same thing when your children leave home. Sometimes, a marriage and relationship were pushed aside for so long that a couple is no longer romantically interested in one another. Sometimes, their children are all they have in common. When their children grow up, the parents realize that it’s time for a divorce.

A divorce doesn’t have to be as negative as the media makes it out to be. In fact, divorces can be a relief for some people as they get to move on without a spouse that they no longer have feelings for. Even if your adult children are surprised by your news, you have the right to pursue a divorce at any age.

Gray divorces have become more common in society, and they have special factors that affect them, too. That’s why it is a good choice to speak with your attorney before you start a gray divorce. There are factors, like retirement, savings accounts and others, that you will need to consider before completing your divorce. Our site has more on what you should consider if you are going through a divorce over the age of 50.