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Know the true role of protective orders

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Family Law, Firm News |

Sometimes, people find themselves in dangerous situations. They may have family members they don’t get along with or could be in a situation where they’re at risk of being hurt if they don’t leave or have the aggressor restricted from seeing them.

Protective orders are there for people in those situations. Protective orders are often used in family law cases, especially when there is a risk of abuse or harm coming to a family member or child. Restraining orders, as protective orders are also known, can help legally restrict a dangerous person from coming into contact with their supposed victim.

What happens if someone violates a protective order?

Violating a protective order can lead to serious consequences such as jail time or fines.

Do protective orders only work in situations of domestic violence?

No, protective orders don’t just keep people safe from abuse. They’re also designed to add restraints in different situations, such as if one parent wants to limit the other parent’s travel with their children or if someone wants to limit another family member’s ability to own a gun due to safety concerns.

Temporary restraining orders last for only 10 days at a maximum. They can extend up to three years with an approval from a judge, which may be necessary in some instances. Any parent or adult household member is able to apply for the restraining order if they feel that they or someone else in their family is in immediate danger. You can contact your attorney to seek the restraining order no matter what time it is, day or night.


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