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Should you tell your kids’ school about your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2024 | Divorce |

Talking to your kids’ school about family issues can be challenging but necessary in certain circumstances. For example, when you are going through a divorce.

Here is why your kids’ school should know about your divorce:

Their performance may be affected

With the changes that will happen at home during divorce, your children may be unable to complete homework or school projects, and their grades may plummet. When teachers know what’s happening at home, they can give them grace in such instances.

They may act out 

Divorce has an emotional impact on everyone who goes through it. But it can be worse in children, as they may be struggling to understand what’s going on and may think they are at fault for the divorce. Accordingly, they may engage in fights in school or isolate themselves.

When teachers know about your divorce, they can develop strategies to help your kids during such emotional disruptions.

The teachers should know about their living arrangements

Your kids’ school should know about your kids’ living arrangements. Will they remain in the family home? Will they be traveling to be with the other parent? Who will be picking them up from school? And so on.

If your children are in middle or high school, consider giving them a heads-up before talking to their teachers. Informing the school about the divorce without their knowledge can make them angry, as most teenagers don’t like having people feel sorry for them or standing out. 

Telling your kid’s school about the divorce can be beneficial. You should also obtain adequate information about your situation to protect your children’s interests.     



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