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How parents can work together to make joint custody work

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2023 | Child Custody |

One of the most important priorities for parents after a divorce is to ensure they are providing stability and security for their children. For many Mississippi families, joint custody is the ideal option that will provide the kids with regular access to both parents, but it is not always easy to make this arrangement work well. Parents may have to make an effort to work together in order to protect their kids and make their joint custody arrangement as smooth as possible. 

Tips for cooperative parenting post-divorce 

Parenting after a divorce can be difficult, especially because it is likely that parents still have strong emotions about each other. It may be necessary to set these aside and focus on what will be best for the children. Depending on the individual situation, the following may help joint custody work smoothly: 

  • Keep the needs of the children as a priority. 
  • Resolve to communicate well about and for the sake of the children. 
  • Stick to the terms of the parenting plan and visitation schedule. 
  • Be flexible when unexpected things happen. 

Navigating custody after divorce can be complicated and confusing. By keeping the kids as the focus, it will be easier to walk through this time of adjustment and transition. 

The terms of the order matter 

The terms of a child custody order are important. In a joint custody arrangement, it is critical to have clear terms as this will help both parents to have reasonable expectations and guidelines. With a clear custody and visitation plan in place and a goal of working together, Mississippi parents can make a divorce easier on the children. 


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