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Facing tax evasion charges? Your future is on the line

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Federal Criminal Defense |

There are certain types of criminal charges that are particularly serious. Conviction of any federal offense can result in lengthy jail sentences and other penalties that can change the course of your life. If you are facing charges related to alleged financial misdeeds, such as tax evasion, there is a lot at stake for you. It may help to remember that seemingly victimless crimes or those that do not involve harm to others are still serious criminal cases.

If you are facing charges pertaining to tax evasion, it is in your interests to act quickly to secure defense help. It is imperative to start developing a defense strategy that makes sense for your individual situation and the case against you. Tax evasion includes any intentional effort to avoid paying some or all taxes, and in addition to time behind bars, you may also have to pay steep fines if convicted.

Understanding the crime

Tax codes in the United States are complex and confusing. Making a mistake on your taxes is not a crime, but you will eventually have to make up the amount you should have paid to the Internal Revenue Service. According to the IRS, there are two main types of tax evasion, and they are:

  • Evasion of payment – This is when a taxpayer intentionally conceals assets or hides money in order to avoid higher taxes. It may happen when one moves assets to a foreign bank account or moves money to a family account.
  • Evasion of assessment – This is when a taxpayer does things to affect the assessment of assets, which lowers the tax penalties associated with that asset.

In order to convict you of tax evasion, the government must have clear proof that you intentionally evaded your tax obligations in some way. Examples of ways people often do this include keeping two sets of books, creating false invoices, and concealing income.

Fighting for your future

If you are facing tax evasion charges, you do not have to face them alone. It is in your interests to have defense counsel from a Mississippi attorney with experienced in complex federal cases. With the right support, it is possible to effectively confront the case against you and pursue the most beneficial outcome possible. Your future is at stake, and you will not want to lose any time in protecting your interests.


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