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Mediation may offer a speedy and inexpensive divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Divorce |

Couples who decide to divorce face a challenging path ahead. Divorce is a demanding process that can test a person’s emotions and patience. Additionally, divorce may cost a couple years of their life and upwards of $15,000 per person.

Thankfully, an expensive and lengthy divorce is not always necessary. Spouses motivated toward compromise and resolution find success using mediation instead of traditional courtroom litigation. Mediation has grown in popularity over the past 20 years because of its easily accessible benefits and freedom of choice.

The many benefits of a mediated divorce

Mediation will not work for every divorce. Some people may be victims in an abusive relationship and require the security and transparency of a courtroom. Mediation works best when two disputing parties are motivated toward compromise and resolution. Often, all a judge needs to grant a request for mediation is the request itself. Enthusiasm for the process ensures better results when using mediation to resolve disputes.

Couples will enjoy the following benefits with a mediated divorce:

  • Choose the mediator: A mediator serves as a neutral intermediary during negotiations. Mediators do not issue rulings like judges; they keep the conversation on track and each party cooperating. Professional mediators are training in communication techniques that help couples understand each other and listen.
  • More affordable: Mediation costs much less in almost every area. Without the need of a courtroom, the couple saves money on expensive court fees. Additionally, if a couple requires a lawyer, most will charge reduced rates when working within mediation. Some states will even reimburse a couple for a mediator’s fees.
  • More convenient: Mediated negotiations can occur in any neutral location at any available time. A couple does not have to wait for an opening in a courtroom’s schedule, which may take months. Mediation offers a speedy path to a satisfying divorce resolution.
  • Improved satisfaction with resolutions: Most couples that use mediation report feeling more satisfied with the process and the outcome, even if they still had to go to court. Mediation puts control of the resolution firmly in the hands of the disputing parties, allowing them to design a resolution that makes each party happy. A judge may rule for resolutions that displease everyone involved, inviting more tension and stress into an already difficult situation.

Curious about mediation? Ask a lawyer

Those with questions about mediation can find answers from a local attorney familiar with Mississippi divorce law. A lawyer can offer mediator recommendations and draft comprehensive divorce agreements.


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