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Federal crimes: a specialized, complex area of the law

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Federal Criminal Defense |

The American criminal law system as it plays out in Mississippi and nationally is fundamentally different from what features in many other countries.

Some criminal behavior is investigated solely at a local or state level, for example, while other alleged offenses bring probes involving federal prosecutors and investigators.

And, in some instances, state and federal law enforcers work together to jointly pursue crime. A combined state police force/FBI probe is an example of how authorities work together in exercising concurrent jurisdiction.

Criminal law commentators routinely stress several points that prominently emerge when federal law takes center stage in a crime investigation. These matters are recurrently underscored:

  • Federal law’s heightened complexity when compared with state law (in matters ranging from charging to applicable processes)
  • Deep pockets (federal criminal probes often feature ample resources that can be applied over considerable time)
  • Harsh outcomes (federal defendants often face materially harsh penalties, with prosecutors seeking to make examples via stringent sentencing dictates)

Those realities linked with federal criminal investigations and linked prosecutorial zeal are commonly on display for charged individuals who find themselves facing the sobering powers of government in a courtroom.

We candidly emphasize that point at the proven criminal defense law firm of Robert W. Davis, Jr., in Tupelo. We underscore on our website that, “Federal criminal convictions come with harsh penalties and very serious consequences.”

Indeed, the stakes in a federal criminal matter are customarily high, but an adverse outcome is not necessarily inevitable. An experienced and aggressive defense attorney can provide diligent representation aimed at a client’s exoneration or a maximum mitigation of penalties in a given case.

An informed and robust defense is critical in a federal criminal matter. An experienced legal defense team can provide further information.


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