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When children act out due to a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2019 | Divorce |

For families, the divorce process can be very intense. This can be a time of major uncertainty, not only for parents but for kids too. Some children may act out when their parents announce that they will be getting a divorce, during the middle of a divorce or even after the process is over. This behavior may take on a number of forms, and it can be very disruptive for parents who are dealing with many other divorce-related challenges such as alimony or a custody dispute. If your children are exhibiting concerning behavior, it is important to try to address this situation with care.

First, parents should understand that divorce can be very tough for children. They may not have worries about financial matters or legal issues related to a divorce, but their emotions may spiral out of control. Some kids may threaten to run away, while others may become aggressive or even violent (this can be particularly concerning if this behavior takes place at school). As a parent, there are different strategies that may allow you to address your child’s behavior in a healthy manner, such as having sensitive discussions with them and trying to give them reassurance.

If a child is displaying problematic behavior, you should realize that it may be temporary and do your best to work through these challenges with them. On the other hand, some kids may act out for a longer amount of time, and it may be helpful to try to work with your child’s other parent to get a grip on this difficult situation.


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