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These 3 faults can be used during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

Divorcing in Mississippi is similar to divorcing in any other state. There are grounds you can use to file for an at-fault divorce, and there are no-fault options. Many people want to know more about the faults that they can apply to their case, since a fault could allow the divorce to finalize more quickly.

Some of the common faults used in divorce cases include desertion, adultery and impotency. These three are important and distinct.


Desertion refers to when a spouse willfully abandons their marriage for a year or longer without consent from the other spouse. Someone on a business trip for a long period of time wouldn’t fall into this category, but someone who leaves and doesn’t return without notice would.


Adultery is another major fault in some divorce cases. This is referring to having a sexual relationship with another person. Dating someone else without a sexual relationship would likely not qualify without evidence of an intention to remain together romantically.


Interestingly, impotency is another possible reason for divorce in Mississippi. The court requires this to be natural impotency, not self-inflicted. Additionally, to use this fault, you need to prove that you did not know that your spouse was impotent at the time of your marriage.

These are just three of several faults that you could use in your divorce case. Once you are a resident for six months, you can move forward with your request for a divorce and begin the process that will decouple you from your spouse. Our site has more on the steps you should take next.


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