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Tupelo Drug Charge Lawyer

Tupelo, Mississippi, Drug Charge Lawyer

If you have been arrested on drug charges, having legal representation before you speak to the authorities is of vital importance. At Robert W. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law, in Tupelo, Mississippi, we advocate for our clients and ensure that their rights are protected.

Immediate Representation

Whether your charge involves possession, distribution, sale, or trafficking of controlled substances, you need immediate representation from a lawyer who is experienced in handling drug charges. At Robert W. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law, we are experienced in representing juvenile and adult clients at the state and federal level. A drug charge could result in various outcomes depending on the nature of the charge. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can advise you regarding the specifics of your case. Contact criminal defense attorney Robert W. Davis to begin building your defense.

Diligent Management of Your Case

We have handled drug cases involving meth, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription drugs. Upon taking your case, we will review the specific charges against you, police reports, and your criminal record. If you were driving when an officer stopped you, we will investigate the probable cause for the traffic stop. We will also investigate the probable cause for any search and seizure involving your car or home. If your rights were violated in any way, we will bring those issues to the court and seek immediate dismissal of the charges against you.

Being Proactive

While we focus our efforts on the legal aspects of your case, we ask you to take proactive steps to help us present your case to the prosecution in the best possible way. Seeking counseling for a possible substance abuse program is an important first step in showing prosecutors that you are serious about rehabilitation and do not intend to repeat the crime.

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